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22 Questions For Self-Reflection

Often we forget to spend time with the person who matters most, ourself. We may care for others, but it is important that we understand ourselves so we can live our best lives. One method of self-reflection is journaling. These questions make great journaling prompts if you are looking for insight into yourself and your motives. Grab your notebook and a pen, and let’s get started!

Woman with pen thinking and writing in journal

1. What is my ideal environment?

The environment we choose to surround ourselves with has a significant impact on our mental health. Think about your home environment, your work environment, and where you prefer to spend your downtime. Is your environment ideal? What kinds of things can you do to improve it.

2. What are the best three memories of all my life?

This question can shed light on the things we consider essential in our lives. Think about your favorite three memories. Who was there with you? It is also important to reflect on how much time you’re spending creating fresh memories.

3. What would I do if I knew I could do anything?

This may be a tricky question, but it can be very insightful. What would you do if you had no fears? Often, we are afraid to follow our dreams due to embarrassment. We may even feel as though we are not good enough. What path would you choose if you knew nothing could hold you back?

4. What is right in my life now?

Too often, we ask ourselves the question “what is wrong?”. It’s time to flip the coin and see things from a different perspective. Let’s focus on the positive things going on in our lives right now. Answering this question allows us to express gratitude.

5. What are three mistakes in my life I don ‘t want to repeat?

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes teach us new things, while others we repeat often. Think of three mistakes in your life and reflect on why they were mistakes. This question is not meant to keep you dwelling in the past. Rather, they are healthy questions that can help you reflect and make better choices in the future.

6. What is the best decision I made in the last past five years?

Is there one decision you made in the last five years that changed everything for the better? Maybe it was a difficult one, or maybe it was the easiest decision you have ever made. Reflect on the reasons it was a great decision and think of the chain reaction it had in your life. What other things happened because of this decision?

7. What are my sources of inspiration?

Inspiration comes in many forms. Perhaps taking a walk in your neighborhood inspires you. Is there a particular book that sparks inspiration in your daily life? Whether it is a piece of artwork or a beautiful mug to drink our coffee, it is important to surround ourselves with things that inspire us.

8. Do I feel envy? Who do I envy?

Reflecting on the people we envy can tell us a lot about ourselves. What things do these people have that we desire? Are these things obtainable in our own life?

9. How do I define love?

Love is one of those things everybody describes a bit differently. What is love to you? If you could describe it in only a few sentences, what would they be? This is an interesting question to compare with a partner or friend.

10. If you could time travel, what would you tell your younger self?

If only I knew then what I knew now. Have you ever thought about this to yourself? The thought of time travel is interesting. Do you think you would be the same person if you went back in time to speak with your younger self? What things would you say?

11. How do I feel when someone compliments me?

Some people take compliments a lot better than others. Self-love is an important practice. How do you take compliments? If you do not take compliments well, is it because you feel as though you are not worthy of kind words? Reflecting on this question may bring about some conflicting emotions. However, it is a significant question for personal growth.

12. How do I define success?

Do you feel as though you are successful in life? If not, what things do you have left to achieve? Perhaps there is someone that comes to mind that is the epitome of success. What does success mean to you?

13. If I could live forever, would I?

This can be a tough question to answer, but it may bring some insight into your life. Not everyone wants to live forever. What if all of our family and friends passed before us? If our family could live forever, would we choose to also? This question allows us to reflect on what is important in our life. What do we take for granted?

14. When did I cry last, and why?

Crying can be a positive emotion or a negative one. It can result from pain, or from seeing some beautiful. Do you remember the last time you cried? You can expand on this question further by reflecting on how we feel when other people see us cry.

15. What message am I trying to convey with my appearance?

Our appearance can reflect what we see in ourselves. When you go to the store, are there certain items of clothing you gravitate to? What are the qualities of these clothes, and what is the message you are trying to convey? Perhaps there is a color you avoid because you feel as though it is unflattering. Do you wear your hair a certain way because it is simple, or because it looks good? How often do you notice what others are wearing?

16. What prevents me from making decisions?

Decision paralysis is no joke. There is nothing worse than being put on the spot and having to decide quickly. For some people, this situation can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety. Some decisions don’t have a strict timeline, so we push them off to the last minute. Is there a reason you have difficulty deciding? It is important to reflect on these reasons and determine if they are contributing to your mental load.

17. When was the last time I was embarrassed?

Nobody enjoys being embarrassed. Some people do not embarrass easily, while others may find themselves in a constant state of discomfort. Reflecting on the last time we were embarrassed can be uncomfortable. It does not feel good to relive those moments. However, it’s helpful to examine the cause of why we felt self-conscious. This is how we can learn and improve our self-esteem.

18. What makes me unique?

Are there certain qualities or quirks to your personality that make you unique? How do you feel about these qualities, and would you change them if you could? It can be empowering to consider our personality traits and how we feel about them.

19. What does it mean to be a good friend?

Similar to the definition of love, there are many ways to describe a good friend. Do you feel as though you are a good friend? When reflecting on what it means to be a good friend, it’s helpful to use examples from our life.

20. What makes me uncomfortable?

It is likely that there are many things that make you uncomfortable. It’s interesting to think about these things and the reasons we don’t like them. Perhaps a physical discomfort, such as being cold or sweaty, leaves more of an impression on you. Other people find themselves uncomfortable when they’re being stared at. What makes you uncomfortable, and why?

21. If I could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

We often spend a lot of time thinking about the ways we can change ourselves. It’s beneficial to look at our external environment. Is there something you would change about the world? What effect would it have on your day to day? Is it something you believe will ever happen?

22. What is the best advice I have ever received?

Some people love to give advice. Perhaps a memorable teacher or boss gave us advice that always stuck with us. Maybe it changed our life forever. Why do you think you remember these words of advice? Are they written somewhere for safe keeping? Have you ever given the advice to someone else?

The ability to reflect may be considered a superpower to some. By asking the right questions to ourselves, we can learn quite a bit. This is a great practice to strengthen our mental health. What questions and answers have become turning points in your life?


Friday 5th of June 2020

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