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25 Day Gratitude Challenge – Let’s do this!

There are many benefits to practicing gratitude. By taking time to reflect on the things we are grateful for, we are inviting positivity into our life, welcoming joy, and raising our vibration. This 25 Day Gratitude challenge is a simple way to incorporate this practice into your life.

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You can use the printable gratitude worksheet and it hang it on your wall or fridge. Or, you can return to this list each day for guidance. If you prefer, you can also practice these gratitude prompts out of order. This is a great challenge to do with a friend or loved one. It only takes a few minutes each day, and you can choose whether to do it in the morning or evening.

This 25 day gratitude challenge serves as a guide. If you have difficulty with the daily prompt, it is okay to shift your focus and express gratitude for something else. The idea is to take a few minutes out of each day to reflect and be thankful.

Gratitude Challenge Worksheet Printable

Let’s begin our gratitude challenge!

Day 1: Reflect on a memory that fills you with joy

When you try to think of a memory that fills you with joy, many experiences may come rushing to your mind. Take some time to reflect on one particular memory that fills you with happiness. Try to experience that memory from the beginning. What sounds, scents, people, and emotions are involved?

Day 2: Remember a recent compliment that made you smile

A kind compliment should never be brushed aside. People compliment us when they notice something they admire or appreciate. If you received a compliment that made you smile, now is the time to reflect on those kind words and feel gratitude. Maybe the compliment came from a loved one, or perhaps a stranger complimented you in passing.

Day 3: Listen to a song that makes you happy

Music can make us feel many emotions. Is there a song that fills you with happiness or brings you back to a joyous time? How do you feel when you hear this music and what memories are associated with it? Reflect on the song for a few moments, and then play it at some point during the day.

Day 4: A person who makes you laugh

Laughter is a beautiful thing that should always be shared with others. If there is a person in your life that makes you laugh, take a few moments to express gratitude and appreciate their humor. You may even want to reach out to them during the day and let them know how you feel.

Day 5: An animal that shows you love

Sometimes, our pets have a way of showing us love when we need it the most. Maybe a friend or family member has a pet that is excited to see you every time you visit. Now is the time to show gratitude for that furry four-legged friend.

Day 6: A quality about yourself that you like

Loving ourselves can be challenging. However, it is important to take time to reflect on the things we like about ourselves. Choose one quality or trait about yourself that you like. Take the time you need to look inward and truly appreciate this quality. Think of the ways this trait makes you unique and sets you apart from others.

Day 7: Appreciate the current season or weather

Regardless of the current season or what the weather looks like outside, reflect on something you enjoy about it. Is there a holiday during this season that you particularly enjoy? Maybe you enjoy watching the leaves change in the fall, or the flowers bloom in the spring. Imagine all the sights, smells, and emotions associated with the season or weather and reflect on what you are grateful for.

Day 8: Revisit a special place

Give some thought to a place that you love to visit. Imagine being there during the present moment and all the feelings that accompany this place. Why are you grateful this place exists? If possible, you may want to visit that place today.

Day 9: A person you couldn’t live without

There are many people in our lives that are important to us. Imagine a person you couldn’t live without, and all the reasons you appreciate them. If possible, take some time during the day to communicate your feelings to them.

Day 10: Something you have accomplished

Any accomplishment, big or small, is worth remembering. Accomplishments can fill us with a great sense of joy and satisfaction. Remember a time you accomplished something. How did it make you feel? Why are you thankful for this accomplishment? What good came because of it?

Day 11: A food you enjoy eating

Eating our food with intention is a great way to practice gratitude. Every meal is a gift. Is there a particular food you enjoy eating? Today, consider eating that food and sharing it with a loved one.

Day 12: A challenge you have overcome

Life is full of unique challenges. Overcoming a challenge reminds us of our strength and encourages us to feel empowered. Think of a challenge you overcame in your life, and all the reasons you are grateful you did. Perhaps overcoming this challenge had a positive result on your present life.

Day 13: Something money can’t buy

They say money can’t buy happiness. What is something you are grateful for that money cannot buy?

Day 14: Something in nature you love

Nature is an inspirational place full of magic, emotion, and life. Reflect on something in nature that you love. Today, you might want to step out into nature to express gratitude.

Day 15: Part of your job you enjoy

It is not uncommon for people to dislike their jobs. However, the small things we like can help get us through the day. Perhaps the people you work with are your favorite part of your job. Think about your work, and something about it you appreciate.

Day 16: A gift you have received

While we should be grateful for any gifts we receive, try to think of one gift that stood out. Think of the person who gave it to you, the feeling you had when you saw it, and where it stands in your life today.

Image Quote - The more thankful you are, the more you attract things to be thankful for

Day 17: A family member you love

Think of one family member that holds a special place in your heart. Why are you grateful they exist? Reflect on some memories you have shared. Consider reaching out to that person today, even if its a simple phone call or message.

Day 18: A book you read

A good book will inspire, entertain, or even whisk you away to a new world. What book have you read that you are grateful for?

Day 19: Something about your town or city

Every town or city has its unique quirks. Maybe there is a restaurant or shop in town you are particularly grateful for. Consider visiting this place today and expressing gratitude.

Day 20: Your favorite holiday

What is your favorite holiday? This is a question we’re asked from a very young age. Whatever your answer may be, reflect on the emotions, scents, sights, and people associated with your favorite holiday.

Day 21: A movie that brings you joy

Is there is a movie that brings you joy every time you watch it? Perhaps you enjoy it most when you watch it with a close friend or loved one. Consider watching the movie today as you reflect on the reasons it brings you joy.

Day 22: A smell you could never get sick of

Scent has a way of bringing us right back to a particular place or memory in time. Reflect on your favorite scent and think of the reasons you love it.

Day 23: A home-cooked meal or recipe you love eating

Nothing beats a delicious home-cooked meal. Is there a family recipe you look forward to making or eating for special occasions? Today, consider making an exception and preparing that special dish and sharing it with a loved one.

Day 24: A person you admire

If there is someone in your life that you admire, take some time to think about this individual. It could be a person who inspires you, or a person who taught you a valuable lesson. Consider reaching out and expressing your gratitude.

Day 25: Something that comforts you

There may be something or someone in your life that comforts you when you need it. Today, reflect on this item or person and feel gratitude.

If you finish the 25-day challenge, leave a comment and let me know how it worked out for you. If you want to continue your practice of daily gratitude, you may want to consider starting a journal. I hope this post leaves you inspired to incorporate this positive habit into your daily routine!