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64 Positive Affirmations For Landing Your Dream Job

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you to manifest your dream job. By repeating positive statements about yourself and your ability to attain your ambitions, you can program your subconscious mind to attract what you desire.

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Using positive affirmations to find a new job is the perfect way to boost your existing job search. You’ll want to actively search for jobs in your desired field while you use these affirmations. Remember, nothing comes to us without putting in the effort!

In addition to your job search, you’ll want to put yourself in the best possible position for finding your dream career. What does this mean? Work on fine-tuning your skills and making your resume more appealing. There are 100s of certifications you can get online (for free!). By showing prospective employers that you’re willing to put in the effort, you’re making yourself a more appealing candidate.

How to use these affirmations for a new job:

Using affirmations is a unique process for each individual. You may find it helpful to write down your affirmations and carry them with you in a journal to read throughout the day, or repeat them out loud several times a day. It is also important to focus on how you feel when you say your affirmations. Repeat them with conviction and feeling as if they are already true.

Even if you don’t believe your affirmations at first, you should keep saying them. The more you say them, the more they will become ingrained in your subconscious mind, and the more likely you are to see results.

Some people find it helpful to create a vision board or keep pictures of their goals in plain sight to help keep their affirmations on top of their mind. Do what feels best for you!

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Affirmations for landing your dream job:

  1. I am confident and capable of landing my dream job.
  2. I am worthy of a great career that brings me joy and fulfillment.
  3. I attract abundance and success in all areas of my life, including my job.
  4. I am open to new opportunities and willing to take risks to achieve my goals.
  5. I trust in my abilities and know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  6. I am passionate about my work and making a positive impact in the world.
  7. I am confident in my skills and talents, and I use them to create success in my career.
  8. I will attract opportunities for professional growth and advancement.
  9. I create my own success by taking action towards my goals.
  10. My hard work and dedication pay off, as I manifest my dream job.
  11. I am grateful for the abundance of opportunities available to me, and I confidently choose the right one for me.
  12. All areas of my life are in alignment, and I easily manifest my dream job.
  13. I am excited and enthusiastic about my new career path.
  14. I attract abundance and success easily and effortlessly.
  15. My positive attitude creates positive results in all areas of my life, including my career.
  16. I take inspired action towards my goals, and everything falls into place perfectly.
  17. All the doors of opportunity are open to me, and I walk through them with confidence.
  18. I have all the skills and talents necessary to achieve my goals.
  19. I am confident and self-assured, and I attract only good things into my life.
  20. I am focused and committed to achieving my goals.
  21. My positive thoughts create positive results in my life.
  22. I know I am talented and capable, and I use my gifts to create success in my career.
  23. I am attracting a great job that is perfect for me.
  24. Everything happens for a reason, and I trust that this new opportunity is exactly what I need right now.
  25. My skills are in high demand, and I attract only the best opportunities.
  26. I am grateful for my current situation, and I know it is preparing me for even greater things.
  27. I am ready and willing to take the next step in my career.
  28. I am confident and optimistic about my future, and I know that anything is possible.
  29. I stay open-minded and flexible, which allows new opportunities to flow easily into my life.
  30. I am not attached to any outcome, and I trust everything will work out perfectly in the end.
  31. I let go of all fears and doubts, and I confidently move forward towards my goals.

  32. I am worthy of abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life.
  33. My positive attitude creates a powerful force that attracts only good things into my life.
  34. I surround myself with people who support and encourage my success.
  35. The universe is conspiring to help me achieve my dreams, including my dream job.
  36. I am attracting my dream job towards me easily and effortlessly.
  37. I am confident in my abilities, and I will excel in my new role.
  38. I am excited about starting my new job, and I am ready to take on new challenges.
  39. I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to start my new career.
  40. I am looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and working together.
  41. I am ready to start my new job and make a positive contribution.
  42. I am committed to doing my best and achieving success in my new role.
  43. I am confident that I will do great things in my new job.
  44. I am eager to start my new job and make a difference.
  45. I am ready to take on the challenges of my new job and succeed.
  46. I believe in myself and I know I can do this job.
  47. I am excited about beginning my new journey and I know it will be successful.
  48. I am ready to start this new chapter in my life, and I am confident in my abilities.
  49. I am grateful for this opportunity to start my new job and I will make the most of it.
  50. I am excited that the perfect career opportunity landed right in my lap.
  51. I have what it takes to succeed in my new job and I am ready to give it my all.
  52. I am committed to doing everything I can in my new career.
  53. I am grateful for my new job. It is a perfect match for my skills and abilities.
  54. I work confidently and efficiently.
  55. I enjoy going to work each day.
  56. My colleagues are friendly and supportive.
  57. My boss appreciates my contribution to the company.
  58. I am well paid for my work.
  59. I have a bright future in this company.
  60. I am a magnet for exciting and rewarding opportunities.
  61. I know I am worthy and I will be successful in this role.
  62. I am confident that everything will fall into place the way it should.
  63. I am looking forwarding to interviewing for my dream job.
  64. If I have applied for the perfect career, they will call me soon.
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Things to look for in your dream job:

It’s important to look for a career that is rewarding and fulfilling. This may even mean taking a pay cut for the sake of your happiness. Perhaps your dream job is only working 4 days a week so you can spend more time with your family. Whatever your priorities may be, do not push them aside and rush into a job that is not right for you. Sometimes, a little patience is all you need. Here are some things you may want to consider when searching for the perfect fit.

  • A job that is in alignment with your skills and talents – What are your special skills and how would you like to use them on a daily basis? Do you have a talent or hobby that comes to you naturally? Think of your new job as an extension of your talents and allow them to shine through in your work.
  • A job that supports your lifestyle – Consider the hours you would like to work, the location of the job, and any other factors that are important to you in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Do you want to spend part of your week as a stay at home mom?
  • A job that offers room for growth – It is important to feel you are constantly learning and growing in your career. Choose a position that offers opportunities for professional development and advancement.
  • A job that makes you excited to go to work every day – When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Find a job that you are passionate about and let that passion drive your success.
  • A job that allows you to be yourself – We all have unique qualities that make us who we are. When you find a job that allows you to express your individuality, you will be more likely to succeed and be happy in your work.

I hope these positive affirmations for finding a new job help you stay motivated in your journey. Are there any affirmations you have been using? Leave a comment below and share them with the world! They may be the perfect string of words to inspire someone else. Have you used affirmations to find your dream career? I would love to hear your story!