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17 Of The Best Gifts For An Introvert

Often, shopping for gifts is a bit of a daunting task. The extroverts in our life may be a bit more vocal on what gift items they prefer. For introverts, it can be more challenging. These are the best gifts for the introvert on your shopping list.

Woman holding a gift wrapped with a red bow

1. Coffee, tea, or matcha to sip

Nothing says cozy like a hot cup of coffee, tea, or matcha. If the introvert in your life prefers coffee, a gourmet blend might be a great option. A pretty box of tea alongside a handcrafted mug from Etsy makes a wonderful gift for any introvert. If you’re shopping for someone who likes matcha, you may want to check out Ippodo Tea. They have several delicious matcha varieties and gift sets available. They sell tea as well, so you can mix and match!

2. Reading material to get lost in

Its no secret, many introverts love to read. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for someone who likes technology, you might gift them a digital e-reader like a Nook or Kindle if that is something they would be interested in. Another thoughtful gift for an introvert is purchasing a used or vintage copy of one of their favorite books. You can write a personal message on the inside cover to make the gift more special. If you want to go above and beyond, you can try to get a signed copy from the author.

3. Houseplants to brighten their space

Most people that like to stay at home prefer their space to be tastefully decorated. House plants add greenery, beauty, and life to the home. Keep in mind that some houseplants are toxic to animals. To be safe, I recommend gifting an artificial plant or a plant that is safe for cats and dogs. They even have a plant subscription box which delivers pet-safe plants right to your door! This would make a great gift for the introvert with a green thumb.

4. Soft slippers for lounging

Everyone needs a good pair of cozy slippers to lounge in around their home in. If you’re shopping for someone who already has a good pair of slippers, I would suggest a pair of fluffy socks. In the cooler months, nothing says cozy like warm feet.

5. Self-care supplies to unwind

Sometimes we need a little reminder to practice self-care. Just because introverts are less social than others, it doesn’t mean they’re any less stressed out. Self-care supplies make a wonderful gift for anyone that needs an excuse to unwind. Bath salts, bath bombs, a silky sleeping mask, face masks, manicure supplies, a journal with a list of journaling prompts, or a gift card to a spa are all really thoughtful options.

6. A cozy bathrobe

Bathrobes aren’t just for post-shower you know. Having a cozy bathrobe to wear around the house is a game changer, especially in the colder months. With so many bathrobes on the market these days, it’s difficult to choose the best kind. I recommend any bathrobe from L.L Bean. Another popular option are Parachute robes. Keep in mind that some people like really fluffy and soft robes, while other people prefer their robes thinner and more lightweight. You could even get a matching pajama set to go with it.

7. A heating blanket to keep warm

There is nothing more comforting than getting warm underneath a heating blanket. These blankets have come a long way with built-in timers and extra-soft linings. If you live in a cooler climate, a heating blanket will surely be an appreciated gift. If your introverted friend has any pets, they might just enjoy curling up on top of the blanket as well!

8. Pretty scented candles for ambiance

Candles can be a tricky gift because everyone has different scents that they prefer. However, they really add to the ambiance of any room and they make a great gift item. If you’re not sure what scent to get, opt for something very light and inoffensive. Water lily, vanilla, and white tea are all popular options. If you want to make it an extra-cozy gift for your introverted friend, look for a wood wick candle. You just can’t beat the comforting crackle sound these candles make when they burn.

Lit blue tea candle

9. An essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are a must-have item for many households. If you’re shopping for someone who already owns an essential oil diffuser, you can opt for a gift set of oils instead. I highly recommend any of the starter kits from Mountain Rose Herbs. Their essential oil blends smell amazing and they’re very potent. An essential oil diffuser that changes colors makes a nice gift for any introvert in your life.

10. Adult coloring books to foster creativity

Some people don’t know they love coloring books until they try using one. Coloring books are not just for kids anymore. There is nothing more relaxing than curling up and coloring inside the lines. With plenty of different adult coloring books on the market today, you should have no issue finding one to gift an introvert. If your friend or family member has a favorite book or movie, you may be able to find an adult coloring book for it! Don’t forget a nice set of colored pencils to go with it.

11. A wine subscription for indulging

If the introvert you’re shopping for loves wine, you may want to consider sending them a box of wine. They won’t have to go to the store as the subscription box sends it right to their doorstep, which is very convenient. Many subscription boxes allow you to mix-and-match varieties so you can choose one they’ll be happy with.

12. Noise-cancellation headphones

Sometimes you just want to shut out whatever is going on outside. There is no shame in that. Noise cancellation headphones are perfect for this. Not only are they amazing for airplanes, they’re great for meditating or just escaping with some music.

13. A bathtub caddy for soaking

If you’re shopping for someone that likes to take long baths, they might really appreciate a bathtub caddy. These sit on the edges of your bathtub and allow you to read, eat, drink, or do whatever else you may want while you soak. Don’t forget to pair it with some self-care supplies like a bath bomb or bath salts.

Bathtub caddy with book, coffee and a candle

14. A puzzle to challenge the brain

Is there anything more satisfying than finishing a puzzle? I think not. While puzzles are a great thing to do with friends, they’re also quite relaxing to do on your own. If the introvert in your life likes puzzles, you may want to pick one out for a gift. You don’t have to stop at a traditional puzzle. A book full of word puzzles also makes a thoughtful gift – especially if they travel often.

15. Magnetic poetry for the fridge

For some introverts, magnetic poetry can be an inspirational start to the day. If the introvert you’re shopping likes poetry, they may really enjoy having fun with their fridge while the coffee brews in the morning. You may even get some funny photos sent to your phone when they come up with some great poems.

16. Watercolor paints to get lost in color

You don’t have to be a stellar artist to enjoy using watercolor paints. They’re simple and relaxing to use. This is the ideal gift for the creative introvert. You can’t go wrong with a Koi Watercolor Starter Set and some watercolor paper to get started. Maybe they’ll even discover a hidden talent and thank you with a painting.

17. A daily meditation or thought-provoking book

There is no better way to start or end the day than by reading a quick meditation or excerpt. One great option is The Daily Stoic book. It makes a lovely book for the nightstand and it is full of timeless wisdom.

The Daily Stoic Book

I hope this list of gifts for introverts helped inspire you or gave you some good ideas. If you’re an introvert yourself and you received the perfect gift, tell me about in the comments below!