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My Review On The 19 Best Personality Tests

Are you the type of person who likes to take personality tests? If so, then I have just what you’re looking for! These are some of the best and most enjoyable online quizzes that will help you figure out your true self. 

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I completed a list of 19 personality tests. They’re all unique in their own way and share different results.

1. Myers-Briggs Test

Time it took me to take: 30 minutes

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test is one of the most popular personality psychology tests. It examines how people perceive and use their natural talents to learn, communicate, make decisions, or solve problems. Also, this questionnaire will help determine if you are introvert or an extrovert.

However, if you want to take this test, you need to pay about $50 or find an MBTI assistant who will guide you. It doesn’t sound very easy, but I think this test is worth it. Also, it is essential to remember that the MBTI test is not suitable for kids younger than 13 years.

2. 16Personalities test

Time it took me to take: 30 minutes

It is a very popular quiz too. This test will help you understand how you act in society. I love their clean website, easy navigation, and straightforward questions. Also, you will get an excellent summary, and you can use free resources on site. I would definitely consider this test.

3. Enneagram types assessment

Time it took me to take: 45 minutes

The enneagram is a system of understanding nine personality types. It was originally designed to help people understand their interpersonal relationships and how they affect one another. This test will help you to look inside your soul and thoughts.

The website is clean with very easy-to-understand questions. The test took 45 mins to for me to complete, so get cozy!

4. Big Five Personality Test

Time it took me to take: less than 5 minutes

This quiz is a big competitor with the MBTI test. The Big Five helps you to understand yourself more and choose a career path. In my experiences, this test was pretty accurate, but nothing special as the results are very short.

5. The HEXACO personality test

Time it took me to take: 15 minutes

The HEXACO personality test is an extension of the Big Five Personality. While it shares five dimensions, it adds a sixth dimension: honesty-humility. This type of measurement has been shown to make for more accurate assessments than just measuring openness or extraversion alone.

The site has a nice and clean design and pleasant green colors. You will need to answer 100 questions, but time passes very quickly. The questions are also very thought-provoking.

6. Careerhunter test

Time it took me to take: 15 minutes

If you’re a person who has an array of skills and interests but doesn’t know where is your career path then this psychological test is excellent for determining your best fit. It also provides information about the three different types of work personalities and how they can be combined for tremendous success in the workplace.

Honestly, it was the most complex personality quiz on my list for me. It took just 15 minutes to complete this quiz, but I had a really hard time concentrating on questions.

7. Color code test

Time it took me to take: 15 minutes

This test helps you understand your motivation. You need to answer 45 questions and fill a small form with an email address. The questionnaire split up people into four colors depends on how motivated—quite a fun test.

8. Old Jung personality test

Time it took me to take: 10 minutes

This quiz is the “brother” of the MBTI test. It’s a challenging website to navigate, but the test provided some intriguing data! In comparison to other quizzes, you will get a unique summary at the end. 

However, pay attention to how questions are phrased—read them twice before settling on an answer to avoid making any mistakes on this quiz!

9. CliftonStrengths test for talents

Time it took me to take: 20 minutes

The test takes 20 minutes and provides a list of your top five themes (strengths). Then, a report is generated that shows how you rank out on each theme and what percentage of the population shares these strengths with you. Their website is engaging, and the instructions are obvious. A summary is for free, but you can buy more information, coaching, or courses you may need for an additional price.

10. Luscher color test

Time it took me to take: 5 minutes

It is a great test to explain your current mental state. The Luscher color quiz is a good personality psychology test because it is not long and requires no special materials or equipment. 

This questionnaire will give you insight into your current feelings, moods, and what drives those emotions.

11. Color Quiz

Time it took me to take: less than 5 minutes

This is another color quiz, however I prefer the clean website design of this one. It is very simple, quick, and the results are interesting! You can take it multiple times during the year and get different results on your “current state”.

12. Fun IQ test

I loved this quiz. It is good exercise for your brain if you are tired of personality questions.

13. Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Time it took me to take: 5 minutes

It is a short test about emotional intelligence. Excellent and easy quiz, just a couple of sips of tea, and you are done.

14. Goleman’s EQ Test

Time it took me to take: 5 minutes

This was the most surprising test. I don’t know why, but my results were so different than all eq assessments. So, you should try to see if this test has something new for you too.

15. Skills you need

Time it took me to take: 10 minutes

I liked this test. This quiz has easy, deep questions and a good summary with advice for you. 

16. Spirit Animal Quiz

Time it took me to take: 7 minutes

This quiz is quite fun! I was very skeptical initially, but you will get an excellent, long and inspiring summary. It is also lovely to see something different from a long list of your weak and strong sides.

17. The typefinder temperament test

Time it took me to take: 7 minutes

This is an excellent short assessment. They have a friendly website with easy navigation and an extended abstract with recommendations at the end.

18. Photo career quiz

Time it took me to take: 5 minutes

This personality test is simple and short, but in the end, you will get an extended summary and new insights.

19. Similar Minds “All in one” Test

Time it took me to take: 15 minutes

Similar minds has many personality tests on their site, but this one is a good place to start. The questions are thought-provoking and the results are detailed.

These are a great way to pass time if you’re bored, or if you are seeking to improve on yourself. The results of personality tests can provide us with valuable tools to grow. Do you have a favorite personality test?