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11 Tips for Introverts to Deal With the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be an incredibly challenging time for introverts. With all the parties, noise, and social obligations, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, it is possible to make it through the holidays as an introvert! There are ways to embrace the holiday spirit without letting it consume you.

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As an introvert, you may find that you lose your energy during parties and social gatherings. The ideal family get-together may consist of no more than five people, and lasting only four hours.

Introverts may tire out at parties a lot faster than their extroverted friends. Here are some tips to help make it through the holiday season.

1. Remember what you loved most about the holiday when you were younger

It’s never too late to spoil your inner child and enjoy the holiday. Reflect on the best memories you have from your youth. Maybe it was your grandmother’s pie or hot chocolate early in the morning.

2. Make yourself “hungry” for socialization

Even as an introvert, you probably crave socialization at times. To better prepare for the holidays, try spending more time than usual alone. Don’t use up all of your energy right before a holiday social gathering. This way, your “social battery” will be rested and recharged.

3. Go to the party on the earlier side

It’s always easier to enter a room when only a few familiar faces are there. This may help prevent you from being overwhelmed. You will have time to adjust to your environment before socializing with large groups of people.

4. Limit your “chat time”

You may feel pressured to always be socializing at a party. You don’t have to be chatting the entire time. For introverts, it can be beneficial to spread out the amount of time you spend talking to other people. There are lots of things you can do at the party that will require minimal socialization. You can offer to help with cleaning, work on a puzzle or game, make yourself comfortable in front of the television, offer to walk the dog, or entertain a youngster.

5. Interact with extroverts

Some people love to talk. This can be great for introverts who would prefer to sit back and listen to someone else tell stories. Extroverts love talking to introverts because they’re skilled listeners. It’s a win-win!

6. Stay in your comfort zone

It’s okay to socialize with the people you feel safe with at a party. Try to spend time with the people you feel most comfortable interacting with. This way, you may notice your energy won’t deplete as quickly.

7. Plan ahead

Planning ahead for a party can make a world of difference in feeling comfortable. Plan the dish you want to bring, plan the time you will leave, and plan what kinds of things you want to talk about. You can even have some topics in mind and prepare for those general “how have you been” questions.

8. Escape as needed

There’s nothing wrong with a little fresh air. If you need to take a walk, let someone know you’re stepping outside. If anyone asks, you can say you’re feeling warm and need to cool off. Or, say you need to make a private phone call. You can also escape to a room where there are few people and hang there for a short while to recharge.

9. Start new traditions

Starting new traditions with your family can encourage you to look forward to the holidays instead of dreading them. Maybe create a new dish that you will only make once a year. Or, get together with the family and watch a movie you haven’t seen in a long time. The once-a-year traditions make them more special.

10. Play games

Board games and card games make great ice breakers. Puzzles are also a nice “quiet game”. You can bring a game with you to the party and suggest playing. This takes a lot of the pressure off conversation. Usually, people are so absorbed in playing the game, there is no time for conversation that may drain you.

11. Find the furry friend

Spend some time with the dog or cat. They’ll love your attention and won’t require you to spend any time talking. You can even offer to bring them outside for a walk. Sometimes, furry friends are the best part of a party.

Are you an introvert that struggles with social gatherings and parties? Let us know what tips you use to deal with the holiday season. Remember, it is supposed to be the season of feeling joy and spending time with the people we love. Take the steps you need to enjoy yourself and avoid feeling overwhelmed.