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31 Journaling Prompts for Couples

Journaling with a partner or friend can be a fun and intimate exercise. It’s a great way to explore your inner self and gain a better understanding of the dynamics in your relationship. It creates an opportunity for dialogue that might not otherwise happen. And, you can express yourself in ways that wouldn’t be comfortable speaking aloud!

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Journaling as a couple is especially useful during challenging times. Maybe you’re experiencing conflict or stress, don’t feel connected in your relationship, or are having trouble communicating with each other. Journaling together can be a powerful tool for strengthening intimacy and communication in your relationship. It’s also a great way to process thoughts together without feeling the pressure of having to say “the perfect thing”.

Here are some great journaling prompts for getting started writing as a couple. You can even use these prompts on your own as a means of self-reflection in your relationship. Some of these prompts are serious, while others are meant to be more playful and silly. You can use also these prompts as inspiration and come up with your own questions to ask.

We also have this printable list of journaling prompts for couples!

Journal Prompts for Couples

  1. If you could describe your partner in 3 words, what would they be?
    You may have many words that you would use to describe your partner. A few may come to mind right away. If you had to narrow it down and choose only 3, what would they be? Think about why you chose these words and how you feel about them.
  2. How does your partner show they care for others?
    Sometimes, our partners show they care for their friends in different ways than they show their care for us. How does your partner typically show others they care? Is it similar to the ways you show care?
  3. What is the funniest thing about your partner?
    Playfulness is such a wonderful quality in a partner! What are some of the funny things your partner does? Do they make you laugh all the time? Do you have inside jokes only the two of you understand?
  4. What does your partner appreciate about you that differs from themselves?
    Our partners typically appreciate what we have in common with them. However, they also appreciate what makes us different from one another. What does your partner value about you that is different from themselves? Do these qualities correspond with something you value in yourself?
  5. What are some ideas or dreams your partner has expressed?
    Sometimes our partners have ideas and dreams that they share, but they don’t receive the encouragement they need to bring them to fruition. What ideas and dreams have your partner shared with you?
  6. What’s something you and your partner struggle with?
    Every relationship has challenges and struggles. What is something you and your partner struggle with? Is the struggle new or has it been a struggle from the start? It might surprise you to find that your partner may view different struggles than you do.
  7. How would your family describe your relationship with your partner?
    Sometimes, we have a different perception of ourselves in our relationship with our partner than how others see us. What’s something your family says about your relationship?
  8. What do you love about your partner?
    Everyone has qualities they find lovable in their partners (even if the other person doesn’t see it). What qualities do you love about your partner?
  9. How has your partner changed over the last year?
    Relationships change over time, and we don’t always notice it right away. What changes have you noticed in your partner in the last year? Are they positive changes or negative changes?
  10. How does your partner inspire you to be a better person?
    Everyone has those “people” in their lives that inspire them. What’s something your partner does that inspires you to be a better person? Do you inspire your partner in any ways?
  11. What is your partner’s love language?
    What is your love language? Are you and your partner’s love languages the same? Do they differ? If you’re not familiar with the 5 love languages, it is worth reading about!
  12. How may your life be different if you never met your partner?
    Everyone has different paths they may have taken had certain circumstances not happened. What would be different about your life if you never met the person who is now your partner? This is a fun prompt to reflect on, as we can never be too sure what would have happened.
  13. How do you feel loved by your partner?
    Sometimes, our partners have different ways of showing their love for us. What are some ways your partner shows you they love you?
  14. What are your partner’s favorite activities or hobbies?
    What are some of your partner’s favorite activities or hobbies? Do they involve you, other people, or are they just for themselves?
  15. Is your partner a rational person or more emotional?
    Some people make decisions by using their head, while others go with what feels right to them. What’s something your partner says or does that show whether they tend to be more rational or emotional?
  16. What is something you and your partner laugh about together frequently?
    Laughing together is wonderful. What are some things you and your partner laugh about? It could be an inside joke, a moment from a movie, or a favorite memory.
  17. How do you feel about your partner’s occupation?
    Some people find their partner’s occupation to be a big part of who they are. How do you feel about your partner’s work? Do you have a different feeling about their occupation now compared to when they started it?
  18. How do you feel about your partner’s best friend?
    Everyone has those friends that we feel closer to than others. Sometimes, our partner’s closest friend may be someone we don’t get along with. Or you may have a strong connection with your partner’s best friend. Why do you think your partner likes spending time with this person?
  19. Is your partner introverted or extroverted?
    Some people recharge their batteries by being alone, while others need social interaction. What is your partner’s personality type? Do you have the same personality type or do your personalities complement each other?
  20. What were your favorite moments during your first date?
    Everyone has those moments that set the mood for a great first date. What were some of your favorite moments during your first date?
  21. Describe a time your partner caught you off guard or surprised you. How did you react?
    Some people like surprises, while other people may despise them. What was your favorite surprise from your partner? What did you do when your partner surprised you?
  22. How does your partner take compliments?
    Some people struggle to take a compliment, while others brush it off. What’s something your partner does when they receive a compliment from you or others?
  23. When was the last time you made plans for your future?
    Some people like to think about what is next, while others may feel most comfortable with the present. What’s something you and your partner have planned for the future?
  24. How has your partner made you feel special in the last week?
    Everyone feels loved and appreciated in different ways. What did your partner do this past week to make you feel special?
  25. When was the last time your partner stepped out of their comfort zone?
    Sometimes it’s important for us to step outside of our comfort zone, even if doing so is difficult. When was the last time your partner stepped out of their comfort zone?
  26. How does your partner’s personality compliment your own?
    Sometimes we’re drawn to people because our personalities complement each other. How is your partner complementary to your personality?
  27. If your partner wanted to move across the country, what would your reaction be?
    Some people tie themselves to their home or neighborhood, while others can easily move away. What would your reaction be if your partner said they wanted to move across the country?
  28. What does your partner do that annoys you, but doesn’t bother anyone else?
    Everyone can pinpoint specific traits about their partner that annoy them, but others don’t even notice. What is something your partner does that annoys you?
  29. What is your partner’s favorite movie, book, or TV show?
    Sometimes our partners like media we don’t like, but it may still be important for us to see. Is there a film, show, or book your partner really enjoys? If so, what is it and why do you think your partner enjoys it?
  30. What is something you like about your partner that no one else knows about?
    Everyone has those traits that are just for themselves. What are some of your partner’s favorite qualities? Why do you think these are their favorites?
  31. What do you most appreciate about your relationship?
    Relationships can be challenging. We have the opportunity to see the best and worst of our partners. Take some time to reflect on all you appreciate about your relationship!

Hopefully, these journal prompts about your partner have inspired some great moments to write about. Remember, journaling is a great way to release stress from the day and work through internal problems. It’s also a creative way to develop a closer relationship with your partner, and learn things about them you may not already know.

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Other journaling prompts:

What are some journal prompts you’ve used with your partner? How did your interactions change during or after the journaling session? Let me know in the comments!