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9 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Peaceful and Tranquil

There are many ways to make a home more peaceful, tranquil and positive. Your home should be your happy place! It should be a place where you can relax and find peace after a long day at work or school. It’s true that sometimes we need a vacation or a change of scenery. But, this doesn’t mean that our home cannot be a comfortable place where we can find serenity.

Woman sitting in comfortable chair relaxing

You do not need to redecorate your entire house to make positive changes to your living spaces. Even if you start with a small space, such as a bedroom, it can make a world of difference in your day-to-day.

Tip 1: Start with your bedroom

You should make your bedroom a place that is warm, inviting, and bright. After a long and stressful day, it is important to have a comfortable space to relax and sleep. Make sure you have plenty of natural light in your room and keep the space clean and organized.

Add natural elements to make your room feel more Zen. Bring in plants, fresh flowers, crystals and stones of various kinds. Decorate with photos of nature or peaceful waterfalls. Place your favorite candles or incense around the room to help set a relaxing atmosphere. Choosing light-colored linens and curtains can also help with brightening up the environment.

Minimal bedroom with houseplant

Tip 2: Keep spaces clean and free of clutter

While it is easier said than done, do your best to keep your home free of clutter. Everything you own should have its own designated place. Place things where they belong right away after using them. If you do not, you will create clutter and chaos in your home, which will make it feel smaller and busier. If you find you are having difficulty keeping your home tidy, try allocating 30 minutes a day to cleaning. Sticking to a set time or schedule can help with the feeling of overwhelm.

Tip 3: Prioritize lighting

Have you ever walked into a store and instantly felt how inviting the atmosphere was? It is amazing what lighting can do for a living space. Having good lighting can boost your mood and create a sense of openness. It also makes cleaning a lot easier. Installing dimmers throughout your home will give you more control over the ambiance.

Allow for as much natural light as possible so your home can be filled with warmth and a natural glow. Shop for curtains that allow some natural light in while still providing privacy. Ensure your windows are not being blocked by clutter or large pieces of furniture.

Tip 4: Bring some life into your home

Consider adding some live greenery to your living space. Houseplants will bring positive energy, color, and life into your home. Great spots for houseplants include windowsills, corners and hallways. Houseplants are especially good in room corners because they not only bring life to your space, but also create balance. If you are new to houseplants, choose a plant that is easy to care for (like a snake plant).

Line hallways with houseplants placed along the wall. Place larger houseplants in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to balance open space.

If you do not have enough natural light for live plants, try bringing in artificial greenery. Artificial flowers and greenery have a come a long way over the years – some of them look very close to the real thing! They can create the look of a calming, peaceful indoor garden.

Large plant surrounded by smaller plants

Tip 5: Add some color

Another way to make your home more tranquil is to add color. Bring in pops of color by painting walls or adding area rugs and throw pillows. This can be done on a budget, by using items you already have and putting your own spin on these items. For example, add a colorful duvet cover and some throw pillows onto an old bedspread.

You should be mindful of the colors you add to your home. Incorporate Earth or Water tones to create a more tranquil vibe. If you are looking to make part of your space more cheerful, opt for brighter colors that bring you joy.

Blue chair in clean room

Tip 6: Use your senses

Add some relaxing scents to your home. Incorporate aromatherapy by adding scented candles, flowers, lotions, essential oils and other products. Consider mixing up the scents in different rooms or in different ways so each room has its own distinct smell.

For example, you could add a candle scented with lavender in your bedroom, lemon scented cleaner in the kitchen, and fall scented pot-pourri in your living room.

How to make your home smell like a spa:

If you want to make your space feel tranquil, opt for calming spa-like scents. Did you know you can purchase the signature Westin hotel scent? Here is a list of spa-like scents to help invite a sense of calm into your home.

Tip 7: Make your home environmentally friendly

Practicing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can help with the tranquility of your home. This can be done by using energy-efficient appliances, wearing natural fabrics, avoiding harsh chemicals when possible, and investing in glassware instead of plastic.

Plastic takes years to decompose, while glass can be recycled and reused. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing to use glassware around the home (rather than disposable plastic). There are many eco-friendly alternatives on the market today. Environmentally friendly products are better for the environment, save you money in the long run and can help create a more peaceful environment. Not sure where to start? Check out

Clean bathroom with tub and candles

Tip 8: Become more minimalist

Minimalism is all about having less, not more. To become more minimalist, you need to focus on decluttering your life. Choose a room or area of your home and only keep the items that are functional or bring you happiness. You can choose to donate the rest or sell them. You can also reduce your wardrobe by getting rid of items you don’t wear. Only keep the items you truly love and wear often. Check out these books from the Minimalists.

Tip 9: Practice Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy which focuses on the art of living in harmony with your environment. It takes into consideration many aspects of life, including colors, shapes and placement of objects.

Feng Shui can enhance the energy flow in your home. It is usually used in the living and dining rooms, as they are considered the heart of the home. However, you can also use Feng Shui in your bedroom to help you sleep better at night or use it whenever there is negative energy or stagnant chi.

If you want to incorporate Feng Shui into your life and home, there are many ways to do so. Some easy tips include:

  • Arrange your furniture to create a sense of symmetry and balance. Make sure the furniture arrangement is functional and allows for easy movement. Ensure there is enough space to walk around.
  • Pay attention to the way you arrange your pillows, candles and artwork. These items should be placed in a way to improve the flow of chi, or positive energy.
  • Eat your meals at a table instead of on the couch or while sitting on your bed.
  • Keep your desk clear of clutter.
  • Open your curtains during the day to allow natural light in.
  • Use live plants in your home to add both color and positive energy.
  • Consider adding mirrors in high-traffic areas, such as the front door or in your kitchen. Mirrors can increase the flow of chi and also help brighten up rooms.
  • Add water features, such as a fish tank or small fountain.

Consider starting your day right by making your home a tranquil space that encourages positivity and peace. By using these tips, you can make your home a place that is calm and serene. This will allow you to relax in your space after you get home (instead of stressing over chores).

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. It should be a place where you can let your guard down and not feel judged. Hopefully, these simple steps will help create a more peaceful, tranquil and positive environment!