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500 Things To Be Grateful For Every Day

Everyone has a thing they love – maybe it’s a person, pet, show, food, or idea. Maybe it’s something more abstract, like relaxation or art. Some people may have an easier time finding what to be grateful for than others. The idea of gratitude and appreciation is a unique and individual thing for everyone.

Woman sitting on porch swing with coffee

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways: silently to oneself, verbally to another person, through writing, or even through art. One way of sharing gratitude is by creating a list of things one is grateful for. This can be as simple as making a list of five things one loves and appreciates, or it can be a list of specific people, places, events, pet peeves, etc.

Here is a list of 500 things to be grateful for every day. You may not relate to all of these things. Some of them are humorous while other things are more serious. I encourage you to print this list or share it with loved ones. You can even use these journal prompts. Choose a few things every day to reflect on and be grateful for. You may also be interested in my 25 day gratitude challenge.

500 Things To Be Grateful For Every Day

  1. Your health
  2. Knowing that you have gifts to share with the world
  3. Knowing that everything you have been through in life has made you stronger and wiser
  4. Knowing that you are loved unconditionally
  5. The feeling of being warm and comfortable, especially on a cold day
  6. Having free will
  7. Your imagination and creativity 
  8. The idea that you can change the world for the better through your actions
  9. The idea of home, no matter where you are
  10. The idea of having control over your life and what happens to you
  11. Knowing how wonderful it feels to truly laugh
  12. The idea of self-love and nurturing your mind, body, and spirit
  13. The changing of the seasons
  14. Knowing that you are enough, just as you are
  15. Having the time to experience new things and visit new places
  16. The scent of salty ocean air
  17. The idea of helping others and giving back to the world
  18. The great mysteries of the universe
  19. The feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to
  20. Family gatherings
  21. Having the opportunity to make your dreams come true
  22. Fresh fruits and vegetables that nourish our body
  23. Knowing that you are smart, strong, and capable
  24. Holiday movies
  25. Being able to have a voice and share it with others
  26. Random acts of kindness from strangers
  27. The comfort of our pets
  28. The idea of having a purpose in life
  29. Having food in the fridge and the pantry
  30. Being able to take care of family when they need it
  31. Every rock, tree, and waterfall 
  32. Having clothes for chilly days
  33. The smell of grass after it rains
  34. The taste of your favorite foods
  35. All the unique animals we are able to observe
  36. The unexpected surprise of receiving an invitation to dinner, a party, or another event
  37. When someone surprises you with food or a treat
  38. Being able to see the sunrise and sunset
  39. Songs that have the ability to bring you back to a different time
  40. The experience of a bustling city
  41. The idea of believing in yourself, even when no one else does
  42. Escaping in a good book
  43. Getting out of work early
  44. The ability to concentrate on something long enough to get it done
  45. Beautiful paintings from talented artists
  46. Having the ability to live life freely
  47. Having someone who loves you for who you are
  48. Comedy shows
  49. A comfy, cozy bed at the end of the day
  50. The smell of your favorite candles
  51. A hot shower to wake you up in the morning
  52. Sitting outside and watching the clouds roll by 
  53. Individuals that are eager to help you with things, whether it is work or not
  54. Having access to modern technology
  55. People that are always seeking to help others
  56. The ability to do what you want to do in your free time
  57. Colors
  58. A refreshing glass of water when you’re thirsty
  59. Individuals who believe in you and support you
  60. Roasted marshmallows on a fire at night time

    Family around campfire
  61. The opportunity for growth and change
  62. An empty voicemail box
  63. Having good weather for your outdoor activities or errands all week long
  64. Old books that sometimes have notes written in them by people who lived years ago
  65. Airplanes, trains, and other modes of transportation
  66. The opportunity for an education, whether it is in school or by reading books on your own
  67. Individuals who support your dreams and encourage me to follow my heart  
  68. People who are willing to work together
  69. Seeing a shooting star
  70. Coincidences
  71. The ability to go back and watch some of your favorite childhood movies
  72. The ability to create art or write stories
  73. Your ability to learn
  74. The feeling of a productive day
  75. Having friends that are there when you need them
  76. Those who have given you advice on how to deal with difficult situations
  77. Being able to watch shows or movies whenever you want without interruption
  78. Birthday parties
  79. Waking up before the alarm
  80. Comfortable pillows and blankets
  81. The ability to read books and learn about the world around you
  82. Friends that share similar interests with you so you can spend time together
  83. Carnivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets
  84. Being able to live where you do
  85. Houseplants
  86. The people who have helped you in the past or present
  87. Surrounding yourself with individuals that are different from you so you can learn about their cultures, experiences, and knowledge
  88. Opportunity for growth and improvement  
  89. Bookstores and libraries 
  90. The people who have taught you valuable lessons about life
  91. Opportunities that come out of difficult times in your life
  92. The ability to have a job and provide for yourself
  93. The people who have been by your side throughout your life, whether they are family or friends
  94. Foods that satisfy your sweet tooth
  95. Being able to take your time and not rush from one place to another
  96. Comfort foods that soothe the soul
  97. Being able to buy things you need without hesitation
  98. Having your own space and schedule
  99. Kind neighbors
  100. Being able to see the beauty in simple things everyday
  101. The people who read and take time out of their day to help others by correcting mistakes, giving constructive criticism, and/or offering helpful tips
  102. Cellphones
  103. Healthy relationships
  104. Vacation with loved ones
  105. Individuals who believe in themselves and trust their instincts
  106. When a sick loved one begins to get better
  107. Individuals who are willing to sit down and share their knowledge with others
  108. The beauty of beaches and the ocean
  109. A true friend who tells you the truth even when it is hard to hear
  110. Different points of view from one’s own, which help you understand your surroundings better
  111. Being able to garden and grow your own food, even if it’s just an herb on the windowsill
  112. People who work in healthcare
  113. The beauty of snowfall in winter
  114. A coupon for something free or at a steep discount
  115. An extra hour of sleep, especially on a day when you have something important to do early the next morning
  116. People that are willing to help others even if it doesn’t benefit them directly
  117. Individuals who are willing to make the first move in a friendship instead of waiting for someone else to take initiative
  118. A long phone conversation with a good friend about everything and nothing in particular
  119. Being able to laugh at oneself and not taking oneself too seriously
  120. Planning a special day for someone
  121. The little things that people do that show their appreciation for you, no matter how small it may seem
  122. The feeling of watching someone open a gift you gave them
  123. The conscious effort each day to take care of yourself physically and mentally
  124. Things that push you outside of your comfort zone so you have an opportunity to learn more about yourself
  125. Things that make you feel comfortable and safe
  126. Falling asleep and knowing you made a difference
  127. The opportunity to watch a sunrise or sunset in peace without interruption
  128. The unique scent of flowers
  129. Being able to turn off your phone for a long enough period of time
  130. The ability to travel the world and see different cultures
  131. Amusement parks
  132. Nature rejuvenating you in a way that nothing else can

    Single white flower
  133. Music in all of its forms
  134. Having friends from all over the world because of the internet, whether it is in person or online
  135. Being able to productively fill your free time with activities that allow you to explore what interests you most so you are happier with your life
  136. The ability to eat in a restaurant
  137. Warm beverages on chilly days
  138. Individuals who give back instead of just taking from society
  139. Individuals who are always there for you, emotionally or physically
  140. The opportunity to have a fresh start in life if need be
  141. Movies and books that make us shed happy tears
  142. Being able to take photographs and document memories
  143. Trying a new recipe
  144. Having an education so you can gain knowledge that comes from many sources
  145. Old recipes
  146. The freedom within yourself to pursue what makes you happy, even if it is unconventional
  147. Being able to see the stars at night
  148. Having your own opinions and values, especially when other people don’t agree with them
  149. The little things that make you happy in life, no matter how small they may seem
  150. The sound of birds singing
  151. The feeling of clean sheets
  152. Wi-Fi on airplanes
  153. The ability to go outside and stay there for a few hours without feeling drained or exhausted
  154. The ability to be creative and do what you want with your free time
  155. Having the house to yourself
  156. Being able to take a breath and relax
  157. Dancing to your favorite song
  158. The feeling you get after rearranging your furniture or decorating your space
  159. Opportunities to learn new skills, no matter how big or small they may be
  160. People who make you laugh when you’re feeling down
  161. The feeling of stretching when you need it
  162. Coworkers that are fun to be around
  163. Being able to put your ideas into action instead of only dreaming about them
  164. Not being held back by fear, whether it is of the unknown or of failure
  165. The ability to have fun with the little things in life
  166. The freedom of religion
  167. Different perspectives that can help you better understand how other people live their lives
  168. Being able to be grateful for the past without dwelling on it
  169. The ability to keep going despite what others might think
  170. An unexpected paycheck or money, especially when you weren’t expecting one at all
  171. The ability to comfort someone when they’re scared
  172. Being able to see, hear, or feel things that others can’t
  173. Being able to express yourself, no matter how weird it may be
  174. Falling asleep easily and waking up rested
  175. Being able to learn from your mistakes instead of getting stuck in the past
  176. Smiles from strangers
  177. When someone treats you to dinner
  178. A sale at your favorite store
  179. Passion and drive to keep going, no matter how hard something might seem
  180. A day of peace and quiet
  181. Being able to be excited for the future, even if you have no idea what will happen
  182. Cooking with fresh herbs and spices
  183. Not spending the day in uncomfortable shoes or clothing
  184. An unexpected boost of energy and enthusiasm for something you’re passionate about
  185. Driving with your windows down and music playing loud
  186. Having a roof over your head and being able to keep your basic needs met
  187. A good movie night on the couch
  188. Potlucks
  189. Getting something on sale
  190. The ability to help others in need, even if it is just a small thing
  191. Being able to have fun, even in the bad times
  192. Entering a warm building when it is cold outside
  193. Soft fabrics
  194. Ordering takeout or delivery
  195. Putting lotion on when your skin is parched
  196. Being able to enjoy nature and experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to have
  197. The ability to fall in love
  198. Being able to see the good in other people, even when they do bad things
  199. Having a positive outlook on life
  200. Poetry
  201. Being able to forgive yourself when you’ve made a mistake, even if it was a big one
  202. A favorite song that never fails to raise your spirits
  203. Having goals that you are willing to work hard for
  204. Swimming in cool water on a hot day
  205. Receiving letters and postcards in the mail
  206. The ability to have good relationships with others
  207. Eating lunch at your desk when you want to
  208. Being able to see the beauty in this world, even when it might seem ugly at first glance
  209. Being able to play games with friends or loved ones
  210. Not being held back by the opinions of others when it comes to your goals and dreams
  211. Hugs and cuddles
  212. A cool breeze on a hot day
  213. Being able to share your ideas with the world instead of keeping them a secret
  214. Having a sense of adventure and exploring this big, wide world
  215. Camping and sleeping outdoors
  216. The future that you will help create through your actions
  217. Forgiveness
  218. Being able to see both sides of an issue without getting stuck on either
  219. Cherishing time as it passes by instead of taking it for granted
  220. Seeing a concert 
  221. Having hope to reach your goals, no matter how far away they may seem
  222. Sleepless nights because you’re excited about the next day
  223. Finding an item of clothing you thought you lost 
  224. Knowing that you don’t need any material possessions to be happy
  225. Double rainbows or other special moments in nature we can witness
  226. Reaching a goal you never thought was possible
  227. Watching kids play together
  228. A heartfelt thank you
  229. The ability to stand up for yourself
  230. When a child says you’re their favorite
  231. The ability to celebrate another year of life, especially when it’s an important milestone
  232. The way time passes when you’re having fun
  233. Phone calls from old friends
  234. Friend requests from old friends
  235. Being able to speak up in tough situations instead of being silent, even when it’s easier not to say anything
  236. The ability to constantly learn and be curious about the world around you
  237. Walking barefoot in nature
  238. Being able to forgive and understand others, even when they make mistakes

    Photo quote: beauty is abound is everything we do and say - Erica Cote
  239. Having true friends who always have your back instead of worrying about what other people think
  240. A pen that works
  241. Thinking it is later than it is and then looking at the clock to see you have plenty of time
  242. An endless supply of love and support from those you care about most, no matter how good or bad a day might be
  243. Freedom to live your life the way you want to
  244. Pizza
  245. Having a purpose in this world that goes beyond just you
  246. Reminiscing about childhood
  247. Brunch
  248. Knowing that there are others out there who care about what happens in your life instead of just pretending like it doesn’t matter
  249. The way your dog looks at you when you get home
  250. Being able to spend hours in a bookstore
  251. When a child makes you a gift
  252. Binge watching a new show
  253. Holiday lights
  254. A friend who drops by when you’re feeling down
  255. The ability to appreciate everything you have, even if it’s not much
  256. The feeling of being outside right before it starts to downpour (and then finding shelter just in time)
  257. Homemade food from loved ones
  258. Snow days
  259. Being able to make something positive come from the bad
  260. Knowing that there are people who you can count on in difficult times, no matter how far they are away
  261. Old family photos and videos
  262. The feeling of donating a bunch of old things you no longer need
  263. A positive outlook when things get tough
  264. Leaving the doctor or dentist with good news
  265. Having passion for what you do every day instead of just going through the motions
  266. Parks
  267. Being able to walk away from situations that aren’t healthy for you
  268. The ability to say no when it’s in your best interest to do so
  269. Long summer days
  270. Walks around the neighborhood
  271. Being surrounded by good people who care about you and your well-being
  272. Not being defined by the most recent thing that went wrong or right in your life
  273. Watching cartoons as an adult
  274. When other people share meaningful stories with us
  275. Finding old birthday cards, letters, tickets and photos
  276. A favorite book from childhood
  277. Knowing that no matter how bad things get, there’s always something good to be found
  278. Not letting negative thoughts hold you back from your goals and dreams
  279. A hot shower after a long day
  280. Your favorite shirt
  281. Knowing that everything you do matters in some way, even if it’s small
  282. Having the power to start over and recreate yourself when you feel stuck
  283. Knowing that every day has a purpose
  284. The wisdom you’ve gained from your mistakes and failures
  285. Crawling into a bed that is made
  286. Being able to see beyond what’s going on right in front of you
  287. The smell of fresh cookies or bread in the oven
  288. The feeling of being home after being away for a long time
  289. Never giving up, no matter how dark or grim things seem
  290. Recognizing the power of change 
  291. Teachers
  292. Being able to appreciate the small things in life
  293. Hearing the worlds “I love you”
  294. Being able to eat lunch outside on a work day
  295. Knowing that you can get past anything if you stay positive and don’t dwell on the negative
  296. Seeing an old friend or family member after a long time
  297. Freedom from any limiting beliefs or fears holding you back
  298. Being more resilient than you give yourself credit for
  299. Fresh coffee in the morning
  300. Cake, cupcakes, and cookies
  301. Leaves changing color in the fall
  302. Embracing your individuality instead of feeling like you have to be the same as everyone else
  303. When your pet sleeps at the foot of your bed
  304. The excitement of moving into a new home
  305. The wisdom gained from your experiences
  306. The smell of a campfire
  307. Working from home
  308. Getting a good grade on an assignment
  309. The feeling of finishing a great book
  310. Childlike wonder
  311. Having the ability to make friends in unlikely places when you need them most
  312. Making a difference even in small ways 
  313. Having no obligations for the day
  314. Being tucked in
  315. A clean home
  316. Embracing change instead of trying to fight it off at all costs
  317. The inner strength you have to keep going on even when it’s hard

    Image Quote: small seeds of gratitude will produce a harvest of hope
  318. Warm soup when you are feeling ill
  319. Being able to trust people, even after being betrayed
  320. Cooking a delicious meal for loved ones
  321. The feeling you get when you win something
  322. When the power comes back on after being out for a long time
  323. Having the ability to read people so well that you can help them or understand them better
  324. The smell of sunscreen in the summer
  325. Thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops
  326. Being independent but also having a supportive family who loves you no matter what
  327. Having access to email and text messaging to make communication quicker and easier
  328. Rainbows
  329. Experiencing unique opportunities that other people don’t
  330. All the condiments that make bland food taste much better
  331. Taking a sick day for mental health
  332. A brand new notebook
  333. Having all your basic needs met
  334. People who value and trust your judgement
  335. Awkward high fives with friends
  336. When someone sees something that reminds them of you and shares it
  337. Being able to rely on yourself in difficult situations when I need to
  338. Talking to an old friend as if no time has passed
  339. Inside jokes
  340. Finding money in an old coat
  341. Getting into pajamas at the end of the day
  342. Being able to pay off debts
  343. Long drives where we can listen to a podcast or talk with a loved one
  344. Never settling, but always striving to be the best that you can be
  345. Being able to deal with things that are out of your control instead of constantly worrying about them or trying to change them
  346. Never giving in when it would be easy to do so , but instead trying to grow stronger 
  347. Having the comfort that comes with being surrounded by close friends who have my back no matter what happens
  348. Falling leaves when you walk outside in the autumn
  349. Sushi
  350. Having an umbrella when it rains
  351. Video games, board games, and puzzles
  352. A clean, organized desk
  353. Falling asleep to the rain
  354. The sound of waves crashing against the shore
  355. Being able to make someone smile after they have been crying
  356. Clothes and shoes that fit as though they were made for you
  357. Being able to laugh or cheer someone up when they’re having a tough day
  358. The ability to take on new challenges, however scary they might be
  359. Getting over an argument with a loved one
  360. Having the time to stop and smell the roses
  361. Being able to go for a leisurely walk or stroll
  362. Knowing that you are able to stand up for myself and others
  363. The feeling after a good workout
  364. Never taking a moment for granted because each one is a beautiful memory that you can reflect on
  365. Being able to provide for yourself, even if it means going through the struggles of figuring out what your next step will be
  366. The feeling of getting into dry clothes when you’re wet
  367. When it is supposed to rain, but it doesn’t
  368. Experiencing a new place or food with someone you love
  369. Views from high places
  370. Having dinner reservations at a busy restaurant
  371. Having self-confidence in who you are as a person, independent from how others might see you
  372. Crayons, markers, pencils, and colored pencils
  373. Being able to give without expecting anything in return, but also receiving things that you never expected
  374. The smell of bacon cooking
  375. The experiences and lessons that only come from taking risks
  376. Having the opportunity to help someone else see that they can do whatever they put their mind to
  377. Knowing that you can get through anything if you just listen to the right people and trust your own intuition
  378. Playing with kids
  379. Guacamole
  380. Long weekends
  381. Having these thoughts to be grateful for in the first place because it means there are so many things to look forward to in life
  382. Romantic dinners
  383. The feeling of accomplishing a personal goal
  384. Finding a vending machine when you need it most
  385. Sleeping in on the weekends
  386. When your pet comes up and cuddles with you for no reason
  387. Drive-in movie theaters
  388. Being able to accomplish something new every day, no matter how big or small
  389. Having the strength to admit you’re not perfect and make mistakes, but knowing that it doesn’t make you any less special unless I let it
  390. Knowing that even though some days are harder than others, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you just keep pushing 
  391. The feeling of fresh, clean laundry
  392. When your favorite show has a new episode
  393. An open parking space in a busy lot
  394. Licking the spoon
  395. Dancing
  396. Being grateful for all of these things when so many others have a lot less than you do
  397. Getting a letter in the mail from someone you really care about and miss
  398. Having the opportunity to give someone some of what you have so that they can be just as happy
  399. When you expect something unpleasant to take a long time and it doesn’t
  400. Being able to make a difference in someone else’s life by spreading kindness and empathy
  401. Having the opportunity to be a good person and give back to the world even if it’s just by being there for someone else during their times of need
  402. When you have a slow day at work
  403. Freshly squeezed juice
  404. Bike rides
  405. All the people who risk their lives every single day for us
  406. Meditation
  407. To have a place in this world and to know that your life matters in some way
  408. Funny videos online
  409. Naps
  410. Museums
  411. Being sung to on your birthday
  412. Having an amazing support system of friends and family who believe in you and share your values
  413. Being able to leave a positive impact on someone’s life simply by doing your best
  414. Fresh popcorn during a movie
  415. Watching birds
  416. Seeing a fireworks display with loved ones
  417. Laughing so hard it hurts
  418. Having tasty leftovers for lunch
  419. Bubble wrap
  420. Taking an extra long lunch break
  421. Group texts that make you laugh
  422. Chapstick
  423. Potatoes in all their forms (mashed, fried, baked)
  424. Taking the scenic route
  425. Having hope for the future and having faith that things will work out in some way because that’s just how life works
  426. Living comfortably enough to be able to give something back to someone else who may need it more than you do or doesn’t have access to the same opportunities as you
  427. The feeling you get after successfully completing a project
  428. Feeling the warm sun on your face
  429. Finding a new restaurant you love
  430. Good hair days
  431. Having the opportunity to buy groceries and other necessities for your family, even if they’re not necessarily new or designer
  432. Being able to sleep on a comfortable mattress every night
  433. Tea
  434. The feeling of finishing a puzzle
  435. Getting or giving good news
  436. Weekend trips to new cities and places
  437. Short lines
  438. Having a friend you can talk to about anything without being judged
  439. When you hear a song you love at the store
  440. A clean fridge
  441. When someone tells you that you did a good job
  442. When good things happen to good people
  443. That moment when everything seems to go wrong but then takes a turn for the better
  444. A fully charged battery when you need it
  445. Finding something you thought you lost
  446. To be able to see the world and meet people outside of your city, state, country 
  447. Being able to invest time into yourself by taking care of your skin/body so you can feel confident in how you look
  448. Warm, comfortable slippers
  449. The feeling of being exhausted after a long day in the sun
  450. A good haircut
  451. Drinking something with a straw
  452. To know that no matter how hard life gets, there’s always something to be happy about
  453. Having the opportunity to travel and see all the places that I’ve read or heard about growing up because this might be one of my only chances to do so
  454. A group of friends that always try to include you and make you feel like part of their group or family
  455. Having the opportunity to make memories and be able to look back on them fondly no matter what happens down the road
  456. The purring of a cat
  457. Natural sunlight
  458. Knowing that all of your experiences will lead you to who you’re supposed to become and how you’re supposed to grow as a person
  459. To have experienced moments in life where at the time they might not seem like much, but later on looking back on them, those moments mean so much more than just what they were.

    woman doing yoga with hands together
  460. Doggy kisses
  461. Hot, relaxing baths
  462. Staying up till midnight on New Year’s Eve with loved ones
  463. Singing your heart out
  464. Being open-minded enough to meet new people and experience new cultures, all of which you know will add benefits to both yourself and your future family/kids
  465. Revisiting old places with new friends
  466. The feeling of butterflies
  467. The sounds of a storm when you are safe inside
  468. Spooky movies in the fall
  469. Barbeques in the summer
  470. Thinking something is a disaster, and it turns out to be just fine
  471. Bad traffic with good people
  472. Being surprised
  473. Being home for the holidays
  474. When everything goes according to the plan
  475. Unexpected refunds
  476. The ability to video chat with loved ones who live far away
  477. The sound of crickets chirping in the summer
  478. Nostalgia
  479. The view after a long hike
  480. Online shopping
  481. Eating from food trucks
  482. Days when everything goes right
  483. A pleasant drive on your way to work
  484. Smiling for no reason at all
  485. The feeling you get when you finish all your errands for the day
  486. A friend or family member who understands your struggle and doesn’t judge you for it
  487. A compliment from a friend, family member, peer, or coworker
  488. A coworker who is willing to work together with you to get the job done
  489. Being able to quit bad habits
  490. Watching animals play together
  491. Falling asleep on a plane
  492. The ability to laugh at yourself
  493. Meaningful conversations with your significant other
  494. Waffles, pancakes, and all the breakfast foods
  495. When your favorite team wins a game or competition you really care about
  496. Tickle fights
  497. A sink with no dirty dishes
  498. An unexpected text from an old friend or loved one
  499. A family member or friend who makes time to meet with you when it’s difficult for them
  500. And finally, being grateful for this list itself because it means there are lots of things to be thankful for!

I hope you found this list of things to be grateful for positive, inspiring, and helpful on your gratitude journey. If there is anything additional you are thankful for, leave a comment below and share it with the world!