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100 Qualities of a Good Friend

Friends play an important role in our life. They help us through difficult times, and inspire us when we need it the most. Friends understand us on a level that other people don’t. Friendships can form over years, or in the matter of days. When we click with another person, we just know.

Two woman laughing in bed drinking out of mugs

Here is a list of 100 qualities of a good friend. Hopefully, reading some of them will make you smile and laugh. Perhaps a certain person will come to mind (or a few). Keep your friends close and cherish them forever.

1. They’re honest with you

One of the most important qualities of friendship is honesty. It is the foundation for strong, thriving relationships.

2. They’re trustworthy

One of the greatest things about having a good friend is that we can trust them. No questions asked. Their opinion matters and we know they’re telling it how it is.

3. They’re playful

Remember playing with our friends outside for hours as a kid? Play is an important part of our life. There is no one better to laugh, play, and be a kid with than a good friend.

4. They make you feel good about yourself

A good friend doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself. They compliment you, admire you, and love you for who you are.

5. They support you

A good friend will support you in all your crazy endeavors.

6. They’re there for you when you need it the most

Sometimes we need a friend. A good friend knows when this time is, and they’re there for you when it comes around.

7. They tell you when you’re wrong

Every now and then, we need to be put in our place. A good friend will tell you when you’re wrong, without making it an argument.

8. They’re skilled listeners

A good listener isn’t always to come by. The great thing about a good friend? They know how to listen when we need it.

9. They cheer you up when you’re sad

Bad jokes, salty snacks, a funny movie. Whatever it takes to cheer you up, your friend knows what it is.

10. They laugh at your bad jokes

Laughter is the best medicine. Our good friends know we aren’t stand-up comedians. They laugh at our jokes (no matter how silly they are).

11. They consider you family

Family means something different for everyone. Good friends treat us like family.

12. They admire your quirks

Do you snort when you laugh or blush when you’re anxious? A good friend loves you for all of those quirks.

13. They don’t judge you

We all make questionable decisions sometimes. A good friend won’t judge you for them.

14. They have your back

Nobody has our back like a good friend. They’ll stand up for you and defend you till the end.

15. They help you host

Dinner party? Holiday gathering? Whatever the occasion, a good friend will bring the ice, and an extra set of hands to help host the party.

16. They help you clean up after

After hosting the party, we all need a friend to help us clean up after. They stick around and help you get the job done.

17. They pick you up when you need a ride

No questions asked. You need a ride? That’s what friends are for.

18. They know your limits

We all have limits that shouldn’t be pushed. The people closest to us know what these limits are, and they respect them.

19. They make you a priority

When it’s important, there is no one higher up on the todem pole than you.

20. They appreciate you

No gift, phone call, or act of kindness goes unnoticed with a good friend.

21. They call you at the perfect time

“I was just thinking of you and you called”. Our closest friends tend to have some sort of ESP, don’t they?

22. They don’t guilt you

Things happen and sometimes we feel badly about them. A good friend won’t guilt you for it.

23. They prioritize your safety

A good friend is the one that makes you put on your seatbelt, wear your sunscreen, and drink plenty of water at the party.

24. They have a great sense of humor

Friends can make us laugh and giggle more than any movie or TV show. They have a great sense of humor, and it’s similar to our own.

25. No plan is too crazy

2 AM snack run? Impromptu beach trip? Let’s go! No plan is too crazy with a good friend.

26. They’re reliable

Good friends are reliable, and if they can’t be, they let you know in advance.

27. They call you. (You don’t have to call them all the time)

Friendship is a two-way street.

28. They’re compassionate

When we’re going through an emotional hardship, a good friend will be compassionate when you need it the most.

29. They help you shop

Whether it’s bathing suit season or wedding dress shopping, a good friend is always down to help you shop.

30. They give you snuggles when you need it

Snuggles aren’t just for romantic partners. Hugs and cuddles from a good friend mean the world.

Two friends laughing and taking a selfie

31. Any movie or TV show is fair game

They may not want to, but they’ll suffer through the Twilight series if you insist.

32. They’re the best karaoke partner

Who else is going to belt out all the lyrics of your favorite song with you?

33. They’re not jealous

It’s normal and healthy to have more than one good friend. Jealousy should not play a role in these relationships.

34. They’re your wingman

Who knows our romantic taste better than a good friend?

35. They’re always on your team

A good friend is on your team, not competing against you.

36. They repay their debts

A good friend knows when they owe us.

37. It’s like no time has passed

Sometimes, life gets in the way, and we are busy. The great thing about friends is that we can go a long time without seeing them, and it’s like no time has passed.

38. They understand when you need space

Alone time is just as important as time with loved ones. A good friend understands our need for space and respects it.

39. They push you to succeed

A good friend wants to see us succeed, and they’ll push us to do so.

40. They give you good advice

Some of the best advice comes from the people that know us best.

41. They’re rational when you can’t be

Sometimes, we need a rational person to help us see clearly when we’re having difficulty doing so.

42. They offer a shoulder to cry on

We all have the need to let out a good cry sometimes. A good friend will offer their shoulder and words of comfort if you need.

43. They’re excited to see you

A good friend will be happy and excited to see you, no matter how much time has passed.

44. They make time for you

Life gets busy and we all have obligations. The people close to us will make the time to see you or talk to you, regardless of their hectic schedule.

45. They have deep conversations with you

Move over small talk, it’s time to get deep. A good friend knows how to have a serious chat. Conversation comes easy with a good friend.

46. You can also sit in silence for hours

Sometimes, talking is overrated. Good friends can enjoy our company in silence and still have a great time.

47. They take your phone away when they should

Ever wish someone took your phone away before you sent that text you can never take back? That’s where a good friend comes in.

48. They help you send the text

On the flip side, they’ll help you send the text when you need an extra push.

49. They accept you at your worst

It’s impossible for us to be our best self 100% of the time. A good friend will love you for the good and the bad.

50. Nothing is ever TMI

There’s no such thing as too much information when chatting with a good friend.

51. They know your darkest secrets

That one secret that is way too embarrassing? They’ll take it to the grave.

52. They meet you halfway

A good friend will meet you halfway when you can’t go the full distance.

53. They speak when you can’t

On occasion, we need someone else to be our voice. A good friend will speak when you don’t have the words.

54. Your family is their family

It’s important to look out for each other. A good friend considers you family, but they also consider your family their family.

55. Their laugh is contagious

Have you ever looked at your friend and just started giggling? And then laughed for what felt like hours?

56. Your furbaby is their furbaby

A good friend will treat your pet like one of their own.

57. They share their favorite recipes

That amazing crockpot soup recipe you can’t get enough of? Your friend sent it to you. They know what you like best.

58. You can use them as a reference

Whether you’re adopting a puppy or applying for a job, a good friend will always give you a glowing reference.

59. They know your drink order by heart

Caramel latte with an extra shot of espresso and half the whip? Your friend knows it by heart.

60. They go with the flow

Life has a way of throwing the unexpected at us. A good friend won’t stress you out about it. They’ll help you go with the flow.

61. They don’t pressure you to do something you’re not comfortable with

A good friend won’t pressure us to do something when we’re not comfortable or ready. They’ll support our decision when we say no.

62. They pick out the perfect gifts

A good friend loves picking out gifts for you, because they’re so darn good at it.

63. They take the perfect picture

Need a new Facebook profile picture? How about a photo for your dating profile? A good friend knows how to take the perfect photo and make you look fabulous.

64. They make an effort

A good friend makes an effort to be your friend. They don’t put the whole friendship on you.

65. They tell you when you’re being crazy

It’s okay to get a little crazy sometimes. But, a good friend is going to let you know when you need to come back down to Earth.

66. They give you the coat off their back

Chilly and need a jacket? A good friend has you covered. Raining? They’ll share their umbrella.

67. They bake the best cake on your birthday

Funfetti cake with extra frosting? A good friend knows exactly what kind of cake or cupcakes you want, and they’ll make sure you have and do anything you want on your birthday.

Three friends laughing at a party

68. They love gossiping about the same TV shows, celebs, or news

They don’t believe in spoiling the show for you. They want to call you right after and talk about it.

69. They know how to rock out

Is there anyone better for a sing-a-long in the car than a good friend?

70. They lend you their favorite clothes

It’s a good thing you’re a similar size because that dress will go perfect with your favorite heels.

71. They know when somethings up

You can’t fool them. They know when you’re being weird and they’ll make sure they get it out of you.

72. They know your weaknesses

A good friend knows our weaknesses, but they don’t make us feel bad about them.

73. They make sure you hang with the right crowd

If you associate with someone a friend doesn’t approve of, they’ll let you know what their gut is telling them.

74. They follow through with their promises

A good friend isn’t all talk. They make promises, and keep them.

75. They’re authentic

We choose our friends because they’re beautiful and genuine people. A good friend is authentic all the way through.

76. They remember the important stuff

They may not remember what day of the week it is, but they know your birthday and favorite pizza toppings.

77. They let you be your creative self

You may not be the next Monet, but a good friend is always down for paint night and a little creative expression.

78. No phone call or text is ever too late

Had a weird dream and just had to text your friend at 3 AM? It’s cool.

79. They let you crash if you need to

Their home is your home. If you need a place to crash, their door is open.

80. They indulge with you

Pizza night followed by ice cream sundaes? Your good friend is always game.

81. They trust the people you trust

A good friend trusts you and your judgement. They’ll let you know if something is off or if they don’t agree with you, but they won’t question your motives.

82. They’re empathetic

A good friend feels for you when you need it the most.

83. They share

Mind if I have a bite of your fries? Of course not.

84. They’re fun to be around

Good friends are fun to be around. We enjoy spending time with them, regardless of the activity.

85. They’re low maintenance

Sometimes we all need a little extra attention. But, a good friend won’t drain all of your energy.

86. They laugh with you for no good reason

Who says you need a good reason to laugh? Friends are great for those “just because” giggles.

87. They send you snail mail

Texts are awesome, but how exciting is it to receive a holiday or birthday card in the mail? A good friend knows your mailing address, and uses it!

88. They have the best recommendations

Need to know what you spend your Macy’s gift card on? A good friend knows exactly what to recommend.

89. They love your partner

A good friend loves your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as you do.

90. They avoid conflict

Sometimes, toxic people will seek conflict wherever they go. A good friend will avoid conflict and keep the peace.

91. They’re flexible when you need to be

Life is crazy and plans change. The people close to us understand when there is a need to be flexible.

92. They don’t hide things from you

It’s okay to have secrets. A good friend won’t hide things from us that they shouldn’t.

93. They don’t steal from you

There is no reason for a good friend to steal from you. If they want something, they’ll ask.

94. They don’t try to impress you

We love our friends for all the right reasons. A good friend doesn’t need to go out of their way to impress you.

95. They help you when you ask

Need a study buddy? Someone to help you dye your hair? A good friend is a phone call away.

96. No drive is ever too long

A good friend will always go the extra mile.

97. They never make you feel like you’re a burden

Some days, we may require a little extra love. A true friend won’t make you feel bad about it.

98. They don’t compete with you

Unless it’s family game night, a good friend is on your team. When it comes to life, they won’t compete with you.

99. They’re patient

A good friend understands that patience is a virtue. They may not be patient all the time, but they are when it matters most.

100. They’re there for life

A good friend is a friend for life.

Did these qualities remind you of someone special in your life? Of course, no two friends are the same. It’s common that we may enjoy different activities with different people. Be sure to tell your friends that you love them and cherish them for life. You never know when another good friend will come around.

If you’re looking to make new lifelong friend, try using affirmations for friendship!